Opppose Senate Bill 3348!

Petition to Oppose the Pole Tax at Illinois Gentlemen's Clubs

By J. D. Obenberger, Attorney at Law
© MMII J. D. Obenberger, All Rights Reserved

Fight the Pole Tax! Fight Senate Bill 3348!






 Please ask your family and friends in Illinois to copy and paste the text below into

an e-mail and send it to their State Senators. Try to bombard them with emails from people who think that this proposal is an insult to every man with a normal, healthy sex drive in Illinois.

To obtain a Senator's e-mail address, go to

www.elections.il.gov/DistrictLocator/DistrictOfficialSearchBvAddress.aspx , and  follow the instructions on the screen.

State Senators pay less attention to form petitions than they do to personal emails, so it’s a magnificent idea to add some language of your own, especially at the top, to put some of yourself into what you email and to personalize the e-mail language.


----------------------------CUT AND PASTE WHAT FOLLOWS AND ADD SOME PERSONAL TOUCHES--------------------------------------



Dear Senator ________________:


I don’t write to my elected representatives very often, and this is almost certainly the first time I’ve ever written to you about a pending Bill. I would not be writing to unless I felt deeply about this, unless I felt that this Bill is a costly and profound insult to all of the men whom you represent. 

Senate Bill 3348 comes out of the rabid fantasies of extremist, radical feminists, and your support and vote for it will taint you by association with the radical, anti-male fantasies that it would enact. 

The men, women, and couples – like me - who go to Gentlemen’s Clubs throughout Illinois like women, find them attractive, and that’s why we go. The criminals who assault women hate women and use sex as an instrument of rage, domination and hostility – that’s the profile of the violent sex offender. But the foundation of S.B. 3348 is that the men who are attracted to women should be required to pay for an agenda aimed at men who hate women and injure them. To associate the ordinary people – like me -who come to these club for a harmless good time with criminal rapists is an insult to every normal man in Illinois. 

Senate Bill 3348 claims that “[S]exually oriented businesses contribute to a culture that tolerates the sexual objectification and exploitation of women, and contribute to the need for community-based services to respond to victims of all forms of sexual exploitation, including sexual harassment, trafficking, and sexual assault” and imposes a $5.00 tax on everyone who visits a Gentlemen’s Club, half of which is engineered by its cash-strapped anti-male supporters to pay their salaries and to lobby for more of their radical feminist, anti-male agenda. Not a word of these “legislative findings” is actually true. This tax is about the activists themselves and their interlocking coalitions and it will not actually help any victimized women at all. According to the FBI, violent sexual assaults against women have declined every year since 1981 and in fact declined by 4.3% between 2009 and 2010. This tax is proposed at a time when the problem itself is a shadow of its dimensions in earlier decades and S.B. 3348 smells like the activists want other people’s money to maintain their own salaries. For a legislator, I know that the easiest thing to do is precisely to spend other people’s money, and for that reason, I will be keeping my eye on your vote. 

I have shared this story with all the men I work with, and all the men on the teams I play on. I’ve told them that I am writing to you. Can I tell them that you will oppose this slap in the face to all normal, healthy, well-adjusted men, or should I tell them that you will make a “politically correct” vote for the “progressive” radical, male-hating feminists in order to sustain their salaries and lobbying expenses for more stuff aimed to slap men in the face?


Very truly yours,



Your Constituent,

Watching Your Vote Closely.



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Joe Obenberger is a Chicago Loop lawyer concentrating in the law of free expression and liberty under the United States Constitution, and his firm has represented many owners, employees, and customers of adult-oriented businesses, both online and in the real world. He can be reached in the office at 312 558-6420 or paged in any emergency at 312 250-4118. His e-mail address is xxxlaw@execpc.com