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    This website and the materials it contains are written to educate the public and encourage public discussion and debate about the subjects discussed here, and for the purpose of reaching lawmakers and those charged with interpretation and enforcement of the law, with the intent of enacting and establishing fairer and more sensible laws and enforcing the law in a reasonable manner consistent with such very traditional American values such as Freedom of Speech, individual Liberty, personal privacy, and fair dealing. None of them establish an attorney-client relationship nor provide legal advice. If you have a legal issue or question, contact a lawyer. If you are arrested, make no statement, consent to nothing, and contact a lawyer immediately, but offer no physical resistance.

Privacy Policy: The only personally-identifiable information collected by this website is the voluntary submission of email addresses so that those who wish to subscribe to our periodic legal Bulletins may do so. The purpose of the Bulletins is mainly to inform and educate rather than to advertise services. Personal Information provided by site email links to this firm, our newsletter sign-up utility, or emails sent to it will be used only in conformity with the provisions of the Illinois Code of Professional Responsibility, and not otherwise, to assure the privacy of correspondants. Information provided by trackers may be used for statistical purposes but not in any personally-identifiable fashion. We will collect all email addresses submitted by the public whether through our newsletter sign-up function or through individual emails, and we will use them to send legal bulletins to the email addresses on our list, but we will not ever share those email addresses or the information any email may contain with anyone else without your explicit consent or as we may be required by law; we may however engage the services of independent contractors to actually transmit our legal bulletins. If we do so, we will require them to make no other use of our Bulletin list and to immediately destroy it after transmitting a Bulletin at our request. We will promptly correct any email adress information and/or delete your email from any mailing list at your request made to us by email or in writing addressed to our offices, as listed on our Index Page and received here. This Policy is effective March 13, 2012.

There are many significant and dangerous risks which inhere in the practice of obtaining legal information from websites, inclduing this one, and those risks include the presence of out of date and/or innacurate information remaining online long after it is sound and accurate because web pages have not been updated in consequence of changes in the law and other legal developments, among others. The links provided are only for the convenience of the general public. Use of the names of groups or associations in connection with links or otherwise does not suggest any endorsement or association of this law firm or vice versa except as indictated. We are not responsible for your use of any linked websites which are used at your own risk. All of the Information provided on this website is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, and the owners of this website cannot be held liable or responsible for any consequences, seen or unforeseen, arising out of your use of this website or any linked website. WE DISCLAIM ANY AND ALL WARRANTIES  CONCERNING THE INFORMATION CONTAINED ON THIS WEBSITE AND THE SITES TO WHICH IT LINKS, INCLUDING THE WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY. WE DISCLAIM LIABILITY FOR ANY CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES. SOME STATES DO NOT PERMIT A DISCLAIMER OF CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES.

    Every case depends on its own merits and the results reported on this site for any particular case do not and cannot predict the outcome of any other case. Neither we nor any lawyer can predict or guarantee the outcome in any legal matter, but it becomes our happy duty to apply our very best skill, knowledge, and judgment for the zealous and passionate representation of every client. The decison to retain a lawyer is a serious decision with far-ranging conseqences which should never be made on the basis of advertising alone, but should be reached only upon due deliberation and after researching and investigating into the reputation, ability, experience, and character of the available lawyers and only after personal contact. The State of Illinois does not certify any lawyer to be a specialist in Constitutional Law, the law of Free Speech, Entertainment Law, Copyright or Trademark Law, and accordingly we make no claim to be "specialists". J. D. Obenberger and Reed Lee are licensed to practice law in the respective jurisdictions listed for each in the Biographies Page of this site only, including  Illinois, the Supreme Court of the United States and numerous other federal courts both at the trial and appellate level. We provide legal services only in our offices in Chicago, in jurisdictions in which we are regularly admitted, and in jurisdictions in which we become specially admitted Pro Hac Vice by the courts to handle particular cases. We stand ready, willing, and able to defend any Obscenity or Section 2257 criminal prosecution in any American jurisdiction with the court's consent; It is your right under the Sixth Amendment to secure counsel of choice for your defense. We believe that it is important for many reasons that every person, especially members of the adult industry, retain a lawyer who is locally admitted in his or her own jurisdiction and it is an invariable practice in our office to recommend the retention of locally and regularly admitted counsel to work with us for the effective representation of clients involved in litigation or criminal matters in other jurisdictions. We have endeavored to comply with all known legal and ethical requirements in compiling this website; we cannot represent clients generated through this Web site from states or countries where the material and information contained herein should not comply with local ethical rules. In the event that any material on or communication from this website does not conform with the laws or regulations of any state or country in which it may be received, we will decline the representation. Frank information concerning professional fees will be provided upon request. We are committed to providing legal services without any distinction based on race, religious belief, sex, sexual orientation, politics, national origin, or citizenship or residency status. We regularly provide services without cost or at reduced fees in approriate, select cases to the poor and disadvantaged. We are available to speak on issues of law and freedom to groups without fee.

We invite you to contact us via email or by phone - (312) 558-6420 at the Law Offices of J. D. Obenberger and Associates, subject to all the fine print you'll find here. We are proud to be available to our clients in any crisis.  Our established clients may contact us in any true emergency 24/7.

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